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Most managers ask us every-single-day... Why won't my employees just DO THEIR JOB? We get it. We understand. And we have the solution. It really is a formula and we teach managers exactly how to build and sustain highly engaged, motivated and accountable teams... every-single-day.


We've all had at least one great manager so we know the difference they make to the performance of a team and an organization. How do they do it? What are their keys to success?


Their team members know how to win and are celebrated regularly for doing great work! It's almost like they can read one another's minds.


Team members do their work and do it well. They rarely have to be reminded to hit their targets and meet their deadlines.


Employees take responsibility for their productivity and behavior. They have each other's backs and work as a finely-tuned team.

We have absolutely figured out how to solve the challenges you're facing

Our simple, powerful Formula will be your partner for creating exceptional managers who can handle any performance challenge, drive excellence and no longer tolerate mediocre performance.

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Why Our Formula Works


You don't have the time or financial bandwidth to pull managers out for days to sit in a training. You need speed of delivery and support so you can rapidly improve performance. Our tools and practices are easy to learn and apply. Managers can begin new practices the moment they enroll.


Leaders today are totally slammed. You don't have the capacity to invest in your managers, but you know their skill at holding employees accountable is the scaffolding for your success. We've got you on this. We will ensure your managers know exactly how to lead and manage their teams.


Too much fixing, not enough solving. Because managers lack the skills they need to truly change performance, they spend their days fixing. They're burning out. And you're not gaining confidence that you can achieve long-term success. Our program teaches managers how to solve and then sustain long term results. Immediately.

Included in the Course:

  • 12 Modules that walk managers through the required steps of becoming exceptional. Modules  include workbooks, videos, and tutorials.
  • Weekly Coaching Guide that outlines exercises you can complete on your own or with a team.
  • Assessments after each Module to confirm understanding of key points.
  • Individual and Organizational Access: Whether you want to learn The Formula on your own or offer it to your entire organization, The Manager Formula is set up to meet your needs.

No More Average or Mediocre

This experience is not for by-standers and watchers. This program is for organizations and their managers who WANT to become exceptional. Who actively CHOOSE to do the work of becoming game-changing, life-changing and career-elevating leaders.

Create High Performing Players & Teams

The most basic function of the management role is to ensure excellence of the team. There are very real reasons why some teams succeed and some teams fail. Performance is formulaic. Managers who understand the mechanics of performance, can drive exceptional results. Managers in The Formula learn the key elements to build, fix and sustain high performing individuals and teams.

Model & Drive Accountability Culture

Companies hire employees to perform work so the company can deliver on its purpose. Accountability, both positive and constructive, is an essential practice to ensure the organization thrives. Most people want to win and they want to know how to do so. Our managers learn how to 'account' for their employees' abilities. Consistently, graciously and powerfully.

Solve Problems & Lead Others Through Change

Nothing is static. Everything is moving. Faster than ever. Managers must be adept at handling the multitude of daily changes and problems we all experience. In The Formula we teach our managers key practices and approaches for the smallest and biggest of problems and organizational changes. Our managers are prepared and resilient.

Managerial Maturity & Confidence

Today more than ever, we need leaders to be able to handle the challenges of difficult people, situations and conversations. Organizations need individuals who can push through what's difficult, determine and focus on desired outcomes and take the steps to make-it-happen. Our managers learn how to understand themselves, their impact, and how to embrace self-awareness as a superpower for their own and their team's success.

Or Maybe It's Best To Just Hear What Clients Are Saying...


"Throughout my 20+ years as a working professional, I’ve studied leadership in a variety of formats, and can easily say that Kris Plachy stands far ahead of the leadership coach pack. She will help you end all unnecessary suffering at work — and she will help you see that all workplace suffering is unnecessary. She has a knack for quickly identifying small actions you can take today to bring out the best behavior in your team and the best outcome for your organization. Her simple, straightforward approach makes it easy for anyone to diagnose and solve their own workplace problems. Whether you decide to work with her 1:1, as a member of The Core, on a Relentless Woman Retreat, or only by listening to her free Leadership Coach Podcast, Kris will bring out your awesome inner leader and help you solve any workplace problem. "

SalliAnne Maliguine
Assistant Chief, Customer Services & Support

"As corporate HR Manager, I often feel that the solid framework (or 'core') of helping my managers lead their people had eluded me. It’s like, even though I’m trained and completely qualified, something was always missing for me when it came to understanding the motivators behind other peoples’ negative actions (or non-action). Now I know - it was this program that was missing! Gosh - where have you been all my life?!"

Lisa Dowling
Human Resources Manager and Consultant

"Working with Kris in this program has been a game changer for my career. The live Coaching Workshops have offered me the opportunity to not only get direct coaching from Kris but to hear the tools and concepts being applied by other professionals in industries all over the world. The format of the program allows for on-demand learning that can fit into the busiest of schedules. The Formula is helping me to improve my ability to coach and develop my team.  It is providing me a framework to lead and manage my team."

Pete Russo
Training Manager

Are you interested in investing in The Manger Formula for your team? Scroll down to schedule a consult.



All Access

 13 Modules.

48 Videos.

12 Participant Workbooks.

12 Coach's Guides.

Lifetime access to digital content for managers have completed all 13 modules.


One last thing...

To have top performers, you must identify as one.
You must have the 'taste for success'.
That's what we do here at The Manager Formula. Not succeeding is simply not an option.
Leaders who work with us choose to be successful. Even when it's hard.
We choose to work with others who want the same for themselves, their team and their organization.
In The Manager Formula we don't indulge reasons for failure. We determine paths for success.
If this sounds like YOU and the culture of your team, then we're excited to work with you!

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