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Leadership Coach Training w/Kris Plachy

Building a Network of Wicked Smart and Talented Coaches


There are a lot of great coaches and trainers out there who have no interest in creating content. No worries. I've built it for you. All you need to offer a leadership client or team, is provided in this program. Whether you want workshop topics or tools for 1:1 coaching. It's all included.


Set yourself apart from the noise of other leadership coaches. I will teach you how to coach anyone, anywhere, on anything at any time. Once you have it, coaching is a NINJA skill that you can use with all of your clients. Be a difference maker with the tools I teach.


This program is not for lightweights or cruisers. Come prepared to be challenged. I will coach you throughout the entire program. You have to live it to give it. Your effectiveness as a coach with others, starts with YOU doing the work first.

How Does it Work?

Weekly Training & Coaching

We meet twice a week in a Zoom Classroom. During our meetings I will train the concepts, coach you using them and then ask you to coach your fellow classmates as well. All class meetings are recorded and stored for one year.

Access to The Manager Formula for Coaches

As a student you will receive one year of access to my signature Manager Training and Coaching Program "The Manager Formula". In addition to 12-modules of content, you'll have access to an additional six coaching calls per month, PLUS a Coach's Guide that helps you, help others through the content. This is a $2899 value.

Difficult People & Leaders

In additional to all of the Manager Formula content, I'm currently offering my students the Difficult People & Leader series of content. I will train you on the concepts and provide you with the workbook, presentation and books I've created to teach the content as a full day or (1) hour break out.


Individual Challenges

Leader performance impacts the entire team and organization. You will be prepared to help leaders solve their own challenges (behavior, skills, practices) to drive team performance.

Solve Team Challenges

There are many variables impacting team performance. Communication, Practices, Accountability and Behavior. The Leadership Coach Training will prepare you to address and coach leaders through these.

Accountability Practices

80% of today's workforce is disengaged. Accountability practices in organizations are non-existent. You can be the hero for your clients by simplifying how they hold employees accountable and improve performance.

Performance Diagnosis

Learn the mechanics of performance so you can teach and coach your clients to do the same. Performance truly is formulaic once you understand the influences that impact outcomes.

Creating or Fixing a Team

Many leaders inherit teams, but others are asked to build new ones. The Formula taught in the Leadership Coach Training will walk you through the elements necessary to build a high performing team.

Dealing with 'Difficult'

Arm yourself as a coach and your clients to deal with all things difficult. Difficult people. Difficult situations. Difficult conversations. Skill in all of these is required for leaders (and their coach).

Resilience and Change

Nothing is static.  There are definitive tools to help humans manage change and you will be prepared to coach leaders through this important process.

Meeting Dates

All times are listed as PDT

April 3rd @ 10:00am, April 5th @ 10:00am            April 9th @ 10:00am, April 11th @ 10:00am           

April 17th @ 10:00am, April 19th @10:00am         April 23rd @10:00am, April 25th @10:00am         

May 1st @ 10:00am, May 3rd @ 10:00am              May 7th@ 10:00am, May 9th @ 10:00am

May 15th @ 10:00am, May 17th @ 10:00am         May 21st @ 10:00am, May 23rd @ 10:00am

Accept Invitation

Cohort size is limited. Invitations to register will only be available until March 23rd. To register, click below and you'll be taken to the program registration and installment plan set up.

One More Thing...

I've built my work in the world by connecting with exceptional individuals. YOU are no different. When you finish the Leadership Coach Training, we can discuss your involvement in The Tiger Team.

Once you complete the program, you can request access to The Tiger Team. The Tiger Team is an exclusive list of individuals, hand-selected by Kris Plachy, to share the work of The Manager Formula with others. Inclusion on The Tiger Team offers unique benefits. Completion of the Leadership Coach Training will grant you the opportunity to participate.


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